About us

Fridley Covenant Church is a member of the Evangelical Covenant Church , which places an emphasis on the authority of the Scriptures and the necessity of a personal walk with Christ. We operate as an independent congregation, and choose our own pastor(s) and other church leaders. Our leadership council sets the direction of our church and oversees the spiritual health of the community.

Church timeline

  • 1955 First service as Community Covenant Church is held at the old Hayes School on Mississippi St.
  • 1956 Fridley Covenant Church is officially organized with 24 charter members, and the cornerstone is laid.
  • 1961 A parsonage is built next to the church for the family of Pastor Nathan Sundberg.
  • 1965 The church building, lawn, sign and parsonage suffer tornado damage.
  • 1967 Construction starts on a new education wing, entrance, and foyer.
  • 1978 Sanctuary is enlarged, missionaries are sent to Dominican Republic and Zaire, and the church’s first outdoor baptism is held for 8 people at Lake Johanna.
  • 1989 A new building addition brings the church new bathrooms, enlarged foyer, elevator, enlarged kitchen, resource center, and 2 new classrooms.
  • 2004 Fridley Covenant Church begins a new restoration phase, led by current pastor Mark Ellingson, to help revitalize the church.
  • 2005 Summer outdoor services begin.
  • 2011 Manna Market food distribution program starts operating to help people in need.