Small Groups

Charity WorkConnecting with others and feeling a sense of belonging are key components to getting involved at any church. At Fridley Covenant Church, we encourage everyone to be involved in this way. It can make an incredible impact on individual journey to faith.


Let’s face it: it is easy to slip through the cracks and not be accountable to anyone in your spiritual journey.  The Christian life was never meant to be a separate compartment that we add on to our “normal” life.  We all need a place where we are accepted for who we are.  That is where small groups come into the picture.


We have two seasons of small groups – typically. One begins in October and runs to Thanksgiving.  The second season begins after the Christmas craziness and goes until Easter.  Try one group in the fall and if you want, change to another group in the spring.

SeniorsDepending on which group you are in, you may be in one that meets on Sunday afternoons over lunch or one that meets Sunday evenings or some other time of the week.  See Pastor Mark or email the church office to get your requests in.