But I don’t wanna!

Okay.  I am one of those weirdos that really likes to work out… long as it is on my terms.  I get a thrill out of pushing myself past the pain barrier and working my cardiovascular system, as long as my old man knees can handle it.  I once was a bodybuilder, so I have this warped idea I can still “make a comeback”.  But going to the gym for the fat-burning time is just no fun.  Because of the knees, I can no longer jump on the treadmill, or the eliptical, or even the stairmaster.  It is either going to be the bicycle (which during the cold weather means sheer boredom, indoor-style) OR taking the group fitness classes at LIFETIME FITNESS.  Once I am there, at the gym, and in the midst of the fitness class, I am in heaven.  I love it:  no pain, no gain.  But it is the getting there that is all the trouble.

It is that way, too, with our spiritual fitness.  I may have all kinds of aspirations to read my Bible, to witness to the grocery store clerk, to memorize Scripture, or to pray on a consistent basis.  But, if I don’t get in there with other believers (spiritual athletes), I just won’t push myself.  We all need that accountability.  This makes sense, since we were created to be in fellowship not only with Him, but with eachother.  We need one another.

Getting involved in the lives of other believers is crucial and for some, it is hard work.  But it is well worth it.  I have to be reminded of this fact:  making the decision to come into the doors of LIFETIME can be as hard as making the decision for others to come to my own home church.

Very First Blog

Wow, my first blog.  I am so retro that I have never even read a blog before!  So when Juleigh, our website administrator, suggests that the Pastor should write one, I draw a blank:  what will I ever even write about?  Who would read it?  My life and my thoughts on life are not exactly that interesting.

As a kid, I attempted to keep a diary, but I bored myself with that project.  Besides, who wants to write down stuff, only to have some sibling or friend happen to open it up and give you a good ribbing?

But, I guess I will give it a shot.  There are enough interesting things happening around church that our own church folks might get a chuckle and smile over.  And maybe you will see that our people here at FCC really live up to how we have been characterized:  Genuine, Caring, and Inspiring.  Inspiring a genuine adventure!