What We Believe

What is a Covenant church?

We belong to a larger network of churches. On the national level, we belong to the Evangelical Covenant Church. We also belong to the Northwest Conference, a regional group of Evangelical Covenant churches. The Evangelical Covenant Church places an emphasis on the authority of the Scriptures and the necessity of a personal walk with Christ.

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What does it mean to be a member of Fridley Covenant Church?

Anyone is welcome to attend Fridley Covenant Church without becoming a member. We welcome all seekers into our church and we hope you will find an intimate relationship with Jesus as your Savior. Membership in our church is open to those who proclaim a faith in Jesus Christ and would like a deeper connection with our community. While anyone can participate in the activities and ministries of the church, members can vote and be leaders in the church community.

What does a baptism mean to us?

Baptism at Moore Lake

Baptism at Moore Lake

We recognize and perform baptisms for infant, children, and adults. In the case of infant and young children, the child is not saved through baptism, but the parents are introducing the child into the family of God and declaring that they will bring up the child in the Christian faith. In the case of those who want to be baptized because of their faith, we do not believe that the person is receiving salvation through baptism, but instead are proclaiming that they have already received it through faith in Jesus Christ.

Why do we worship together?

We view our worship service as a means of celebrating our God together. In a typical worship service at Fridley Covenant Church, there is prayer, music, and a brief Bible-inspired message delivered by one of our pastors or a guest speaker. Music is a key part of the worship experience; our Sunday morning service is led by a live band each week with the church attendees invited to sing along.

Worship is a way for us to connect to God and to one another, to share our joys, sorrows, praises, and requests.

“For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.” Matthew 18:20