Listening to the Word of God

Yesterday morning in our Sunday morning Bible class, we discussed the difference between reading the Bible today and hearing the Bible in the 1st century. While most of us today sit down and read Scripture, in the 1st century most people couldn’t read or afford books, so they experienced the Bible by hearing it spoken at weekly services. In the class, we all agreed there is absolutely a different experience when we hear the Bible. It comes alive for us in ways that it doesn’t when we are reading the text to ourselves.

One of the benefits in having all those different “apps” out there is that there are apps that will read the Bible to you…for free! One of my favorites that I recommend is the YouVersion Bible app by, available on both Android and iOS. LifeChurch is a Covenant church led by Craig Groschel that built this app with several different translations and a ton of languages for people have the Bible at their fingertips. Many of the translations have audio files that will read the Bible to you. Or you can listen as you read…whatever strikes your fancy.

Let the ears bring the Word to you instead of the eyes.

Here is a link with more information and ways to download the app:

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