Attention Twenty-Something Leaders!

Are you ready to get started? We want this to be your best year ever! We want you to be able to connect and grow with God and our church is a great place to do it.

Fridley Covenant Church is pursuing Christ and His mission by:

1) Emphasizing the life-transforming walk with Jesus.
2) Centering on the Word of God.
3) Transforming the local community through Manna Market (our food and clothing ministry).
4) Engaging our people in global initiatives (like clean water projects in Africa).
5) Heartfelt contemporary worship.
6) Sacrificial and generous living and giving.
7) A healthy leadership team.

But there is one thing we really need: young people in their 20’s!

We are currently launching a brand new 30’s and 40’s group and we have a handful of people that age who are eager to get it going, but we don’t have enough 20-somethings to start anything. We really want to reach young people and we need some 20-something leaders who are willing to come in and help us start a ministry to reach their friends and neighbors. We want to be a place where all generations can come together and worship God and serve the community.

You have the chance to make this your best year ever by using the gifts God has given you. If you are interested in helping us build a ministry for your age group, please contact Pastor Mark at 763-300-1967 (call or text) or email him at so we can connect with you.

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